Recommended Student Organizations

Below are some organizations that contribute to the Catholic mission of Notre Dame.

Children of Mary

Children of Mary is a student group dedicated to the celebration of traditional Catholic devotions, including the Rosary, sacred music, and Latin in the Mass. We gather regularly for prayer, social, and service activities.

Four: 7 Catholic Fellowship

Four: 7 Catholic Fellowship is a student-led, passionate Catholic community that meets once a week to worship through song, listen to guest speakers, and reflect during small group discussion.  Members meet fellow disciples with a similar commitment to growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ and His Body the Church while at Notre Dame.

Identity Project

The Identity Project of Notre Dame (idND) is the organizing club of the Edith Stein Project. idND promotes an understanding of the dignity of men and women. The club reflects on the different facets of personhood and how to combine these into a holistic understanding of the human person. idND provides a forum for discussion on challenges faced by college students and the proper response to these challenges in light of our human identity and inherent dignity.

Irish Rover

A bi-weekly, student-run, independent, Catholic newspaper established to defend the Faith and honorable traditions of Notre Dame, articulate conservative principles, and engage in collegial debate.

Knights of Columbus, Notre Dame Council, No. 1477

A fraternal organization with our own building, located on South Quad, next to the Coleman-Morse Center. We host many social events throughout the academic year including Notre Dame Game Watches, poker-smokers, and the occasional cookout.

Militia Immaculata, Notre Dame

The purpose of the Militia Immaculata is to encourage members of the Notre Dame family to place themselves at the service of the Immaculata in the mission that she has, as the Mother of the Church, in order to promote the recognition of Christ as the Source and Summit of the life of our campus communities.

Orestes Brownson Council

The Orestes Brownson Council was founded so that Notre Dame students may better understand the teachings of the Catholic Church. Unfortunately, many Catholics are ignorant of Church history and of the intellectual origins of Her doctrines and traditions. In bi-weekly meetings, members of the Brownson Council discuss the classics of Catholicism in a seminar format.

Right To Life

Promotes and uphold the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death through prayer, service and education, and to help women in crisis pregnancies find alternatives to abortion through service and support, in the spirit of the Catholic Church.

Rodzinka: Little Family

Rodzinka supports and encourages Judeo-Christian views about healthy relationships by organizing discussion about traditional perspectives on dating, marriage and the family as an alternative to the college “hookup culture.”


Students for Child-Oriented Policy is a nonpartisan, nonsectarian Notre Dame student organization.  We advocate for the development and implementation of child-oriented policies that respect what we understand to be the soundest understanding of the principles of universal human reason, especially on the issues of marriage, education, adoption, drug abuse, and pornography.  SCOP holds the union of a man and woman together that is inherently oriented toward family life (i.e., marriage); the holistic formation of mind, heart, and body (i.e., education); and the true friendship sought in the loving choice to adopt for the sake of a child’s good, all things considered, to be of intrinsic value to human beings. Furthermore, SCOP holds drug abuse and pornography use to be intrinsically harmful to human beings.

Theology Club

The Theology Club is an academic club that seeks to explore the intellectual aspects of religious devotion.  The  club seeks to offer opportunities for theology majors and theologically-intrigued non-majors to engage in theology outside of the classroom and to grow in faith through intellectual and spiritual reflection on God and theological topics. Although open to all faiths and all majors, the club’s discussions and activities center around Catholic theology.